1.      A 4-year ‘Fixed Term’ membership may be purchased by both existing La Quinta members and non-Members, by paying a one-off payment (equivalent to 4 x years’ dues).

2.      ‘Fixed Term’ weeks may not be sold or transferred to either an existing member or a non-member.

3.      ‘Fixed Term’ week owners are entitled to have two x owners’ cards during their stay at the La Quinta.

4.      ‘Fixed Term’ week owners may attend Annual General Meetings but will have no voting rights and may not participate in discussions without the approval of the Chairman.

5.      ‘Fixed Term’ weeks may be booked as normal weeks as per La Quinta's ‘Guide to reservations’ with the exception that these weeks may only be accrued up to end of but not beyond the date of termination.

6.      ‘Fixed Term’ weeks may not be rented through the La Quinta's rental scheme. However, they may be rented privately or used by relatives or friends.

7.      Upgrading or downgrading of ‘Fixed Term’ weeks is permitted as per guide to reservations and promotions.

8.      ‘Fixed Term’ weeks may be exchanged through any of the exchange companies to which La Quinta is affiliated.

9.      Electricity charges are not included and must be paid before departure.

10.   The membership certificate must be returned to La Quinta before the date of termination with the surrender section filled in and countersigned.



For more information, please contact our Sales Department.

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