Limited weeks/shares are available for purchase across the four seasonal ownership bands; Red, Blue, Green and Yellow (click here to see Club calendar). There are 2 sizes of villas, 2 bed/2 bath and 3 bed/3 bath. The available weeks/shares are all valid for the duration of La Quinta’s operation, (until at least 2064). Each share is equivalent to one week in any size villa in any seasonal band. You may also join the La Quinta for a limited number of years, (4 years "Fixed term" membership).

Once you have decided which size villa in which colour band best suits your needs, please follow the following procedure:

  1. Contact the Sales and Marketing department and confirm your choices, you can contact Sales and Marketing by e mail at or by phone:  +34 968331121
  2. Sales and Marketing will advise you of the available weeks most closely linked to your preferred choice.
  3. Upon your acceptance of their offer, you will be informed of the process to enable you to transfer all the monies due, under this agreement.
  4. When the funds have been received in our account the process for the transfer of membership of the agreed week, will commence. Once this process has started, you may request a booking up to 11 months in advance. As an incoming member, you will need to sign a membership application form, indicating that you accept the Terms and Conditions of membership. You will then receive a membership certificate, bearing your membership number and your name, it will also specify the details of your ownership and will be duly signed by La Quinta’s Chairman.
  5. As a member of La Quinta, you will be entitled to join one of the international holiday exchange companies to which La Quinta is affiliated, this would enable you to exchange your booked week(s) with any other available week(s) in their system to visit a great variety of 5-star resorts worldwide. A copy of La Quinta’s Constitution is available from Sales and Marketing.

Further detailed information about La Quinta is available in the form of “About La Quinta”.

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